AK optics mounts.

December 8, 2012

Okay, I am a Kalashnikov aficionado. WHich makes me a off-color nutball here in Redneck MT where the Mini-14 rules, and the AR15 is high-class, while the AK is a “Commie gun” whatever the hell that means.

I have tried a fair number, not a HUGE amount of sidemounts, and as I do some more, I will add them to this post.

And in order of price:

UTG/Leapers tri-bolt two-picatinny-railed sidemount. It’s heavy, it’s blocky and ugly, but for $26 they work if you’re on a budget. The allen bolts ensure a solid mount and the mount itself is heavy enough there is very little flex. It likewise is as low as a mount can be and still remove the dustcover, I like that VS having to remove a mount to field-strip the rifle. I cannot speak for the quick-detach lever model’s durability, but they get decent reports.
Value: 4/5.
Looks: 2/5.
Utility: 4/5.

Midwest Industries Picatinny siderail mount. This is a step up from the UTG, it’s lower, it’s longer, and the mount is quick-detachable with decent return to zero. It isn’t 100% return to zero, if you’re using your AK as a P-dog gun (like I was my ’74) it probably will hafta be fine-tuned. It’ll work if you’re blasting normal sized targets out to 200-300 yards though. It is expensive, but it mounts actually a HAIR farther forward (one picatinny slot) than the TWS dustcover and almost as low. I personally prefer it if possible over the dustcover because it doesn’t alter the gun.
Value: 4/5.
Looks: 5/5
Utility: 4.5/5

RS-Regulate AKM (30mm red dot) and AKML (micro dot) sidemounts. In my opinion THE best AK mounts out there for red dots. Return to zero has been 100% they’ve been solid, and the built-in windage adjustment is a HUUUGE plus while remaining solid. I did not drill the reinforcement pins once center, just loc-tited the screws, and they’ve held solid on a Saiga-12. They’re as low as you can get to the dustcover, but I still can remove them, huge plusses for me.
Value: 5/5
Looks 5/5
Utility: 4.5/5

Texas Weapons Systems Gen-2 Dustcover mount.

A good option for rifles out there without a sidemount, and THE ONLY receiver-cover option for rifles without tangs. Underfolders, AMD-65’s Chinese sidefolders,etc. don’t have tangs and these are a good option. I have no clue on long-tern durability, but mine has held good (note: I had to use red-loc-tite to keep the adjustment screws solid) and return to zero has been reliable. Note: When installing on an AMD65, you will have to dremel a TIIIINY bit on the right hand side of the rear-sight block to get the pin fully seated, no big deal, but should be mentioned.

Value: 4.5/5
Looks: 4.5/5
Utility: 4/5

And thus far, that’s all I have used, I look forward to RS-Regulates upcoming AKOG mount (Usable with ACOGs, Prism fixed 3X and 5X scopes and ACOG clones) and the AKS-scope mount for 30mm tubes. Also plan on getting an ultimak gas tube mount and BP-02 mount, although they already have large numbers of reviews out there.

Well…there’s the first installment, boring-it-may-be.



Okay, the goal of this thing……

November 26, 2012

  Is mainly for reviewing stuff.   A large percentage of the stuff I use, I could not find ANTRHING on ANYWHERE on the internetz….as such, I’m putting them up here.

Mixed in with this usefull knowladge (listen up knottheads) will be some mild commentary, or revealing of something I deam interesting outside of that.

Okay. I’m good

November 26, 2012

Okay, FINALLY got this crap figured out.  I think I’ll start her up now