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AK optics mounts.

December 8, 2012

Okay, I am a Kalashnikov aficionado. WHich makes me a off-color nutball here in Redneck MT where the Mini-14 rules, and the AR15 is high-class, while the AK is a “Commie gun” whatever the hell that means.

I have tried a fair number, not a HUGE amount of sidemounts, and as I do some more, I will add them to this post.

And in order of price:

UTG/Leapers tri-bolt two-picatinny-railed sidemount. It’s heavy, it’s blocky and ugly, but for $26 they work if you’re on a budget. The allen bolts ensure a solid mount and the mount itself is heavy enough there is very little flex. It likewise is as low as a mount can be and still remove the dustcover, I like that VS having to remove a mount to field-strip the rifle. I cannot speak for the quick-detach lever model’s durability, but they get decent reports.
Value: 4/5.
Looks: 2/5.
Utility: 4/5.

Midwest Industries Picatinny siderail mount. This is a step up from the UTG, it’s lower, it’s longer, and the mount is quick-detachable with decent return to zero. It isn’t 100% return to zero, if you’re using your AK as a P-dog gun (like I was my ’74) it probably will hafta be fine-tuned. It’ll work if you’re blasting normal sized targets out to 200-300 yards though. It is expensive, but it mounts actually a HAIR farther forward (one picatinny slot) than the TWS dustcover and almost as low. I personally prefer it if possible over the dustcover because it doesn’t alter the gun.
Value: 4/5.
Looks: 5/5
Utility: 4.5/5

RS-Regulate AKM (30mm red dot) and AKML (micro dot) sidemounts. In my opinion THE best AK mounts out there for red dots. Return to zero has been 100% they’ve been solid, and the built-in windage adjustment is a HUUUGE plus while remaining solid. I did not drill the reinforcement pins once center, just loc-tited the screws, and they’ve held solid on a Saiga-12. They’re as low as you can get to the dustcover, but I still can remove them, huge plusses for me.
Value: 5/5
Looks 5/5
Utility: 4.5/5

Texas Weapons Systems Gen-2 Dustcover mount.

A good option for rifles out there without a sidemount, and THE ONLY receiver-cover option for rifles without tangs. Underfolders, AMD-65’s Chinese sidefolders,etc. don’t have tangs and these are a good option. I have no clue on long-tern durability, but mine has held good (note: I had to use red-loc-tite to keep the adjustment screws solid) and return to zero has been reliable. Note: When installing on an AMD65, you will have to dremel a TIIIINY bit on the right hand side of the rear-sight block to get the pin fully seated, no big deal, but should be mentioned.

Value: 4.5/5
Looks: 4.5/5
Utility: 4/5

And thus far, that’s all I have used, I look forward to RS-Regulates upcoming AKOG mount (Usable with ACOGs, Prism fixed 3X and 5X scopes and ACOG clones) and the AKS-scope mount for 30mm tubes. Also plan on getting an ultimak gas tube mount and BP-02 mount, although they already have large numbers of reviews out there.

Well…there’s the first installment, boring-it-may-be.